More than 40 common programs to pick from

With ZEZZOIC.COM, you will be able to install more than 40 different PHP web apps straight from your Web Hosting Control Panel. The Web Application Installer permits you to create your very own personal site with minimal effort. You will be able to create online blogs, community–focused web sites, shopping portals, online image galleries, etc. with a simple click of the mouse.

The Web Application Installer is offered with all our hosting services, which include the absolutely free ZEZZOIC.COM Web Hosting Control Panelwebsite hosting plans plans, semi-dedicated hosting plans, VPS hosting plans and dedicated web hosting plans.

Set up your unique web site with only a click of the mouse

Our Web Application Installer is a user–friendly tool for installing your personal journal, Internet forum or online photo gallery in an instant. You do not need to possess any special design or web development knowledge to work with this tool. It involves a really easy installation procedure – just choose the web application of your liking, specify your web site’s name and hit the Install button. Your brand–new web site will be then brought online in a matter of minutes.

We’ve selected web apps that are easy to use, so uploading fresh content to your website and customizing its look and feel will be as easy as 1–2–3. We keep all the web apps stable and secure and routinely update them to their most recent stable versions.

Straightforward administration

Once you have an application installed using the Web Application Installer tool, you will get immediate access to its administrative area from where you can upload content and make updates whenever you want to. In case, for any reason, you forget the admin area’s URL or your admin password, you can find this information in ZEZZOIC.COM’s hosting Control Panel.

What is more, if you decide that you do not need the web application any longer, you will be able to disable it with one mouse click instead of being obliged to erase all the text, image, audio and video files one by one.

Get your new web site launched before you even log in

You can select a web application and have it installed in your hosting account even before you log in! Just select the application that you want from the drop–down menu on the signup page and it’ll be instantly installed in your new website hosting plans or semi-dedicated servers account. Thus, you can have your brand–new WordPress or Joomla web site up and running the instant you open your web hosting account.

When you log in, you’ll be able to use ZEZZOIC.COM’s one–click Web Application Installer to install additional apps for any other domain name or subdomain name in your account.